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Real Hospital Golf: Golf for a course

Due to increase in non-communicable diseases across the world, individuals have taken up the responsibilities of educating people on the course, prevention and treatment for the same.

But that means individuals have to take up the course on how to reduce the the ailment from increasing.

Due to that, Reale Hospital, a privately-owned healthy facility on Saturday (26th) organised for a healthy golf tournament at nine hole Eldoret club to pass the crucial information to the golfers and the entire public.

Led by Dr. Erick Kipkoech Rutto, the golfers were taken through various testing processes to ensure that before taking to the greens or after the greens, they undergo a testing process to know their health status.

He said many people suffer for lack of knowledge hence the tournament.

“As human beings, we need to exercise regularly. We need to understand that none communicable diseases are real and we need to face them head on. Many lives are lost due to negligence and and proper knowledge,” said Rutto.

He added that many people who suffer from stroke think it is caused by stress but there are so many missing links that they have to know.

“We need to know know what causes particular diseases and and to manage them,” concluded Rutto.

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