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Safaricom Chapa Dimba: Majority teams register for the tournament

Safaricom’s Chapa Dimba’s dream will be real for Kenyan football talents that kick off next month countrywide.

The Chapa Dimba na Safaricom, a telecommunication football tournament has registered over 1,500 clubs across the country that was launched in June where large share of 1,285 teams are boys while girls had 282 who will be chasing a million shilling price with the opportunity to attend a training in London.

The competition begins on September 9 at the group stage, with winners proceeding to the knock-out phase.

This will be followed by the regional finals before the finals slated for March 2018. So far, 167 teams from Nairobi region have confirmed participation, while Nyanza will have 235.

North Eastern (80), Western (197), Rift (352) and Eastern (189), Coast will have 163 teams, with 184 from Central. Safaricom has invested Sh100 million in the programme which includes Sh10 million worth of prizes.

Part of the money will help renovate community pitches and purchase football equipment to grassroots teams.

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