Asbel Kiprop takes doping claims fight to social media

Multiple world 1,500m champion Asbel Kiprop has taken his doping claims to the social media, accusing some individuals of witch-hunt to end and taint his career as an athlete.

Related stories   First, the runner wrote “I did not take EPO injection into my system. Someone is trying to feed on my priceless sweat in the name of fighting doping. Who is a cheat between me & my accusers advisor? Ok I might be poor but I’m real hardworking & honest. I will always be TRUE.”
Asbel Kiprop, Elijah Manangoi, Timothy Cheruiyot, Ronald Kwemoi, Jakub Holusa,
Asbel Kiprop in a past event
He added that he used to wake up early in the morning for his training that paid off well. “I woke up early @ age14 to go for a morning run. Only to have my dream sacrificed in the name of doping! Please serve me justice @AIU_Athletics I did not dope. Investigate your testing system before prosecuting me Kindly. @TheJusticeDept @iaaforg “What I’m facing today! Not even the strongest man on Earth can withstand. FALSE DOPING ACCUSATION is worse than Terrorism. Especially when it affects a clean athlete who has lived & genuinely realised the dream. @sebcoe @AIU_Athletics @iaaforg He went ahead “Conspiracy noun. “A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.” #iTrainHard #iRunClean #iPlayedTrue. A Cheat. noun 1. a person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage. #ImNotAcheat. There are only 2 options I need from AIU. 1. Lie to the world & ban me from sport for life. OR 2. Apologise to me my fans & let me gradually gain my motivation to run again. @TheJusticeDept @iaaforg @AIU_Athletics @truthorange #iDidNotDope I will always stand to support war against doping but not conspiracy towards this noble duty At 19 I lost an Olympic Gold medal to a cheat & I can’t afford to rob anyone their rights by doping. @AIU_Athletics @hrw @ioc I requested for a retest & a DNA test my accuser is minded to oppose. I have never seen EPO live even. Truth be told. I don’t even wanna race again unless they clear my name. So you don’t be doomed to believe in inaccuracy. I did not take EPO. Not unless they apologise then they should ban me for life & keep on lying to the world. I did not dope.
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