South Korean Yoo Byungwon dies at Nyahururu race

Yoo Byungwon, a South Korean national collapsed and died during a road race in Nyahururu at the weekend.

The 61 year old was among joggers participating in the second edition of Nyahururu 10km Road Race sponsored by another Korean, when he collapsed on Sunday.

Ken Kasimili, who was one of the local runners jogging with the deceased, said the old man suddenly stopped and started shaking.

“When he started to shake we supported him off the road, but we realised he had serious difficulties in breathing. We called for help and a vehicle came and took him to hospital,” Kasimili said.

He was rushed to a private hospital in Nyahururu where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Kasimili and John Mwema had jogged with the deceased for several laps on the 5km earth road loop that formed the route of the weekend competition.

Sources said he was attempting to cover 42km, which is a distance for a full marathon.

The deceased, who held a Korean passport M26351886, was among several Koreans who arrived in the country on January 8 for the race held at Siron village in Maili Saba, which is in the outskirts of Nyahururu town.

Before collapsing, Yoo Byungwon appeared to enjoy his own race and kept waving to bystanders.

The incident was reported at the Nyahururu police station.

Local point man of the race, Joel Kimaru said the Korean embassy in Nairobi and relatives of the deceased back in Korea were also immediately informed.

The body was transported to Nairobi for preservation and await decision of relatives on whether to have it cremated locally or be transported back to Korea by air

Source: Daily Nation

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