Mathew Kisorio should be anti-doping crusader- Bungei

Former Olympic Games 800m champion Wilfred Bugei has termed the recent doping menace in the country as total corruption and daytime robbery.

But Bungei respects what Mathew Kisorio did after accepting that he doped, becoming the first kenyan runner to stop leaving in denial.

According to Bungei, Kisorio should be rewarded and honoured by offering him a post as an anti-doping crusader across the country for athletes to learn from him.

“I respect Kisorio so much for coming out to clear his name. It is not easy for such to happen but he did it as a way of healing. Once you accept the wrong doing, then you start the healing process,” said Bungei.

Bungei, who has been fighting the vice since 2009 after retiring from active athletics, said Kisorio who came out and honoured the vice, which he says it is part of a healing process.

“Doping is a vice that needs to be criminalized. I remember in 2009 I said dopers should be jailed but some people said that I am so harsh. Dopers are thieves, stealing from clean athletes and young people across the world. I still stand by fact that doping should be criminalized. Imagine how many people will be affected if Kenya is banned from competitions. Families, coaches, managers, agents among others who depend on this if they ban Kenya, where will they go,” he questioned.

He reiterated that former champions like Kipchoge Keino, among others who competed long ago will be branded cheats. Just like Russia, if any Russian wins the race, it is believed they have doped.

“I support Athletics Kenya that any doper should never wear national colors. That will be an abuse of integrity because nowadays Individuals mandated to bring dignity in the sport are the ones causing a mess. We need to involve Adak, AK, managers among others to end the vice. The same way we are handling corruption, we should do the same in doping,” he said.

“Kisorio is a great and brave man among all athletes. He honored what he did. If you want to heal, honor what has affected you. Kisorio honored and through that, he is healed and discovered his real friends. Honoring means you have discovered yourself and wants to change. I salute him. That guy deserves a standing ovation in this country. He should be made an ambassador and anti-doping crusader,” added Bungei.

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