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Michael Otieno, two others banned for doping

Former Kenya Mr. Kenya champions Michael Otieno Obuya, Sheetal Jayendra Kotak and Arnold Ragos Sanya have been banned for competing after testing positive for banned substances.

The Kenya Body Builders Association (KBBA) who compete in body building have been banned by Anti Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) for two years.

Otieno, the 2015 Mr. Kenya Champion was tested positive for Methylhexanamine and started his ban in May 2018.

Kotak, als 2015 Mrs. Kenya champion was banned for two years for using Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone and Metonolone who began her ban on January 17th 2018.

Sanya was also banned for two years since December 11th 2018 after testing positive for Cannabinoids.

Source: Daily Nation

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