Kenyan top sprinters battle the world at World Relay championships

Kenyan top sprinters will be lining up for the 4th edition of world Relay Championships set for this weekend in Yokohama, Japan.

The two day event that kicks off on Saturday and ends on Sunday with Kenyan sprinters expecting to face a tough challenge from USA.

Saturday timetable (EA)  
12:38 pm — Mixed Shuttle Hurdles Heats
1:05 pm   — Women’s 4x400m Heats
1:40 pm   — Men’s 4x400m Heats
2:13 pm  — Women’s 4x100m Heats
2:40 pm –  Mixed 2x2x400m FINAL
3:00 pm — Men’s 4x100m Heats
3:22 pm  — Mixed 4x400m Heats
3:55 pm  — Mixed Shuttle Hurdles FINAL

Sunday timetable (EA)

12:10 pm  — Women’s 4x200m Heats
12:21 pm  — Men’s 4x200m Heats
12:52 pm  — Women’s 4x400m B Final
1:05 pm  — Men’s 4x400m B Final
1:21 pm  — Women’s 4x400m FINAL
1:37 pm  — Men’s 4x400m FINAL
1:53 pm  — Mixed 4x400m FINAL
2:09 pm  — Women’s 4x200m FINAL
2:23 pm  — Men’s 4x200m FINAL
2:37 pm  — Women’s 4x100m FINAL
2:52 pm  — Men’s 4x100m FINAL

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