Kenya wins bronze in doping

After 41 athletes were banned for doping, Kenya has been ranked third in the world and lead in Africa as the most cheating nation.

According to Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) latest report, Kenya worryingly produced the third highest number of cheating athletes only lower than suspended Russia 87 and India 42 in second.

Kenya, an athletics powerhouse shocks the world by producing athletes only known to use performance-enhancing drugs to boost athletes performance

Warnings from World Anti-Doping Agency to curb the growing number of cheats in athletics. led to the formation of Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya

Only Russia, with the leading number of cheating athletes in the world received the axe by WADA for state-aided doping.

According to the report, 24 male athletes have received the sanction by the AIU while the female category has produced 17 cheating athletes so far.

Also on the sanction list are officials including athletics team manager Mike Kosgei who is suspended for tampering with anti-doping processes while Daniel Ayiemba was found guilty of aiding an athlete dope on a banned substance.

Among the most abused substance by Kenya’s athletes are; Blood booster Erythropoietin- EPO which stimulates the production of more red blood cells improving oxygen levels in the body, Norandrosterone with Prednisone, Salbutamol and Steroids.

Ten athletes are on the sanction list for abuse of Norandrosterone while two are on the list for abuse of exogenous steroids

Others have been sanctioned for Athlete Biological Passport related offences.

On the list of doping, only three were detected during an out of country competition and have been suspended from all Athletics related activities.

Also on the list of shame include Morocco with 30 cheats, China with 28, the USA with 17 and Kenya’s neighbouring rivals Ethiopia with 12 cheating athletes.

Overall Kenya leads Africa on the doping list with Morocco in second followed by Ethiopia.

On Thursday, ADAK said that it will support the suspension of cheating athletes by Athletics Integrity Unit while Athletics Kenya warned those involved in doping to stop the vice.

Source: The Stars

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