World Marathon Ranking to upgrade Eldoret City soon

World Marathon Ranking is set to partner with Eldoret City Marathon to elevate it to the international standards soon.

Eldoret City Marathon set to attain international standards

Organisers to will soon attain international standards following communication from World Marathon Rankings, the organizers of the World Marathon majors across the world.

According Eldoret City marathon race director Moses Tanui said they have received news that World Ranking Marathon wants to partner and recognize them as part of the world Marathon Ranking.

Speaking after feting 2019 top twenty finishers, Tanui, the two time Boston marathon winners said they are the top marathon organizers in the world that organizes world marathon majors like Boston, Chicago, London, Tokyo, Berlin and New York marathons.

“This is good news for our country and the Eldoret City marathon because of the world Ranking have accepted our good deeds because they have already inquired and I have emails and communication over the same and am delighted to know what it means for this race which is just two years old. Is a good initiative, best way and vision that the world ranking marathon has to organize our efforts.

World Marathon Ranking director Scott Cassin sent an email to Tanui saying “Moses-Very nice to meet you via email. We are looking to add your two races to our Age Group World Rankings for our following Series, which will start in November 2020 through November 2021.  We are not yet ready to add new races for a few more months now, but please take a look at the following link and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.  Otherwise, I am happy to reach out this fall and begin more detailed conversations.”

The former world 10,000m silver medalist said to be world majors marathon is something that is a big thing because all marathon calendars, all athletes in the world who wants to run a marathon will be in the calendar of world marathons, which is really encouraging.

“When I received the message in the first place I was surprised until I got the second message from the director of world majors marathon Scott Cassin who wrote to me that they want to recognize as one of the major marathons in the world. I think the kind of organizations that we have has attracted them to us. We have done it at a high standard though we have not reached that level that we want but they have seen that we have the best marathons in this region,” added former Vienna marathon champion.

On Friday, race winners shared a total of Kshs 18,030,000 in one of the most paying race in Africa with the winner pocketing Kshs 3.5 million or $3,5000 dollars, with Tanui saying London marathon pays kshs 5.5 million ($ 55,000) so they are around there.

“So if you go to many marathons in Europe we are also at the top. With such big money, the race will attract foreign athletes to compete in our race. When we will receive the ranking we, need qualifying time. We need to take the seriousness and take top athletes with the best time in the world. And I know in Kenya because it is high altitude, we will take 2:15 for men and 2:35 for women. Another alternative is to take the first group and second group to compete differently,” he added.

With the race set to nurture athletes Kenya Tanui said they will give opportunities to all the athletes because the race is meant to tap and nurture athletes. It is not meant for elite runners as they are attract athletes who lack managers and have no opportunity to board a plane to compete overseas, lack managers and have been training for long in this country.

“Top athletes have competed in the race like Mathew kisorio, Sharon Cherop, Valary Aiyabei among others, who have run good marathoners around the world. This is our aim to make sure good athletes come to showcase their talents. In this race, if you are in top 20 any manager can come and recruit you,” ended Tanui.

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