Shooting contest heads to Kirigit Range

National Gun Owners Association of Kenya (NGAO-K) chairman Anthony Wahome has predicted a fierce battle at Saturday’s Chairman’s Cup.

Wahome said they are expecting over 130 licensed firearm owners to battle it out for the top prizes in a shooting contest at Kirigiti Range, Kiambu.

The competition has lined up licensed firearm owners that comprise civilians and disciplined forces as they expect eight courses and three drills spread across the range and 360-degree ranges.

The showpiece features firearms such as Stock Service Pistol (SSP), Extended Service Pistol (ESP), Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP), Compact Carry Pistol (9CCP) Revolver and BUG.

In IDPA competitions, shooters start with some Course of Fire (COF) from a sitting position, others stand then get to kneeling position before the prone position.

The targets vary in range from between three metres to 50 meters.

Wahome stressed the need to practice more often to perfect the skills since, “the more you practice, the better you get and the more confident you become in a situation where you use a firearm as provided by law.”

Sammy Onyango, the Ngao-k vice chairman, said the Chairman’s Cup is one of the biggest tournaments held in Kenya and it serves as an opportunity for them to sharpen their skills.

Such competitions, he said, is quite helpful since the Government issues licenses but it does not train and the National Gun Owners Association established the facility to enable licensed firearm owners get a better understanding.

“We stress on proficiency because if you’re not confident in using your firearm then you endanger to yourself and even others around you,” said Wahome.

The Chairman’s Cup was inaugurated in 2017 and the association mobilised funds to build the range.

Civilian licensed firearm owners were invited to the proficiency competition and the registration ends today.


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