AIU set up an application to monitor road runners

Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) has established an application to guide marathoners are road runners to guide athletes in updating their whereabouts to avoid missing doping tests.

While addressing athletes in Eldoret, AIU head of Education and Communication Aditya Kumar said the application, in collaboration with Athletics World is to improve integrity and performance for the runners.

“The applications guide in training especially for road running as we seek to defend clean athletes from cheats,” said Kumar.

He added that they have to put road runners under high scrutiny especially from Kenyan runners who command the world in road running.

Kenya was chosen as the first destination for road running as they command a larger percentage of marathon and road running.

“Doping in Kenya is very complex and you just have a bunch full of talents in this country. we want to protect good sports in the world,” said Kumar.

He insisted that Kenya has many talents on road running. Kenya, we looked at the road runners in the world and 320 athletes in the world where Kenya commands 45% and we had to protect that good sport.

When we have the top 300 runners in the country, we have to control them. If Kenyan runners drop, then we will go to that country.

However, Kumar cautioned athletes to run clean since the majority of Kenyan runners are banned with flimsy reasons that can be avoided.

Citing the ban on Jemima Sumgong, Kumar said she presented a fake information that led her to get eight years, which seems a lifetime career ending ban on an athlete who had a great future.

“Give qualified and verified the information. Don’t allow to be used by fake doctors because before we suspend or ban you, we also do many investigations. Through that and we find that you gave wrong and fake information, then the ban will be long,” advised Kumar.

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