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Eldoret hosts Ladies Open golf tournament

Top lady golfers from North-Western Kenya will be battling for Ladies Open golf tournament honours set to be played on par 71 Eldoret golf club this weekend.

Led by lady captain Jane Koech, the top golfers will be battling for top honours in the two-day event that tees off on Saturday to Sunday.

Koech said the two-day tournament will attract golfers from Nandi Bears, Kericho, Kitale, Nyanza and Kakamega clubs in the Mehiheal Group of Hospitals Sponsored tournament.

The 36-hole show will tee off on Saturday where ladies will play stable ford in round one and mixed foursome in the afternoon before playing medal on Sunday for ladies only.

“This will be one of the biggest tournament in our club especially after receiving such great sponsorship. It will the weekend for ladies to enjoy on the greens that have been wonderfully made by great greenkeepers,” said Koech.

Playing handicap 13, the lady captain is optimistic that the tournament will be a success because of their preparedness.

“We have put all the measures to ensure that we succeed. The whole region will be here looking at Tanzanian Madina Iddi from Gymkhana will be gracing the event,” she added.

Other notable players in handicap 6 player and former Lady Captain Esther Chumo, Kenya Ladies Open players Agnes Nyakio, Mercy Nyangama while long-hitting Mildred Natecho, Gracemary Karira will guide the club.

Saturday: Eldoret Ladies Open 2020 Sponsored by Mediheal Group of Hospitals: 7:04 J. Koech, V. Amusala, N. Shah; 7:12 B. Tororei, Lyn C., G.Karira; 7:20 L. Shah, N. Wairimu, V. Mutei, A. Kariuki; 7:30 F. Mburu, N. Wakesho, N. Steinman B. Onyimbo; 7:40 M. Sagoo, M. Hussein, A. Nyakio, . H. Yego; 7:50 M. Natecho, M. Muthee, R. Mkok, J. Muigai; 8:00 F. Murgor, N. Wamboi, B. Kemboi, H. Mwende; 8:10 M. Nyachama, S. Shah, R. Olonde, A. Kimwatan; 8:20 E. Chumo, J. Nyambura, W. Miriam, M.Wainaina; 8:30 F. Some, K. Tekenet, I. Brooker, Nadia F; 8:40 D. Chemweno, J. Basse, S. Bett, Winnie C; 8:50 R. Kooro, J. Chesang, E. Karuga, B. Shikuku; 9:00 R. Chemayiek, G. Orgut, C. Muli, E. Wambi; 9:10 E. Wamboi, G. Fraser, P. Kisuna, S. Komen; 9:20 R. Kurgat, L. Tororei, L. Silvester, M. Kalekye; 9:30 J. Wafula, C. Chesire, W. Arents, B. Nyangweso; 9:40 J. Wareru, R. Cuthbert, A. Herne, R. Kabutha; 9:50 D. Menya, R. Kae, Won Eneob, C. Kenei;

Sunday: Eldoret Ladies Open 2020 Sponsored by Mediheal Group of Hospitals: 6:40 S. Komen, Winnie C, Lyn C, R. Kabutha; 6:50 A. Kimwatan, J. Basse, R. Cuthbert, E. Wambi; 7:00 B. Tororei, G.Orgut, M. Kalekye, M. Muthee; 7:10 L. Tororei, B. Onyimbo, J. Chesang, N. Shah; 7:20 A. Kariuki, Won Ineob, R. Kooro, H. Yego; 7:30 S. Bett, B. Nyangweso, H. Mwende, C. Chesire; 7:40 J. Nyambura, D. Menya, K. Tekenet, B. Shikuku; 7:50 I. Ashioya, V. Mutei, B. Kemboi, M. Wanaina; 8:00 C. Kenei, F. Nadia, J. Muigai, L. Shah; 8:10 F. Murgor, R. Mkok, J. Wafula, R. Kae; 8:20 N. Wamboi, N. Steinman, R. Chemayiek, W. Miriam; 8:30 S. Hoare, E. Wamboi, J. Koech, P. Kisuna; 8:40 J. Waweru, C. Muli, D. Chemweno, M. Sagoo; 8:50 R. Olonde, S. Shah, M. Natecho, I. Brooker; 9:00 M. Litamoi, G. Karira, F. Some, R. Kurgat; 9:10 E. Karuga, N. Wakesho, N. Wairimu, F. Mburu; 9:20 M. Hussein, M. Nyachama, A. Nyakio, E. Chumo.

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