World Athletics delegates to inspect World u20 preps

Top World Athletics officials will be inspecting the preparations for this year’s world under 20 athletics championships set for July at Moi Sports Centre, Kasarani.

The high-powered 19 member delegation landed in Nairobi on Tuesday for a two-day site visit ahead of the championships set to be between July 7 to 12.

Visiting World Athletics Delegation:

  1. Matt Hartfree (Event Presentation Team
  2. Zacharias Vailakis (Press Operations Manager)
  3. Olaf Brockmann (Press Delegate)
  4. Gemma Castano (Technical Delegate)
  5. Florian Weber (Event Presentation Manager)
  6. Luca Sperotti (Technical Suppliers, Deltatre)
  7. Jan Zmek (Dentsu Athletics)
  8. Luis Saladie (Head of Competitions Management)
  9. Jeff Chelpi (Event Operations Coordinator)
  10. Fanny Boquillet (Head of Planning and Strategy)
  11. Lavinia Maffia (Partnerships Manager)
  12. Imre Matrahazi (Technical Delegate)
  13. James Lord (Director of Broadcasting)
  14. Fred Sanchez (Broadcasting Manager)
  15. Maria Ramos (Brand and Marketing)
  16. Gareth Raw (Systems and Cybersecurity Manager)
  17. Phil James (Technical Suppliers, Seiko)
  18. Mark Fulton (World Athletics Production, Live Sports Producer/Director)
  19. Sue Hellewell (World Athletics Productions, Head of Production)

Additional information: Daily Nation

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