Africa Concours d’Elegance provisional list released

The 2020 Africa Concours d’Elegance provisional list of classes has been released.

The Golden Jubilee Africa edition will take place on Sunday, September 27 at the Nairobi Racecourse organised by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club (Kenya).

The event, recognised and sanctioned by the FIM Africa, will feature a total of 20 classes for cars and motorcycles.

One of the category anticipated to wow onlookers this year is Class 10 which has become the preserve of rally or racing car entrants (in rally or racing trim).

According to the latest bulletin, Class 1 will comprise of Utility Vehicles featuring old style four wheel drive vehicles, double cabs, mini buses and pick-ups and light trucks up to 2 tonnes.

Touring cars and station wagons up to 1,000 cc will make up Class two.

Class three has Touring cars and station wagons from 1,001 cc to 1,300 cc.

Touring cars and station wagons from 1,301 cc to 1,600 cc will be classified in class four.

Touring cars and station wagons from 1,601 cc to 1,800 cc will make up the fifth class while those from 1,801 cc to 2,000 cc will be in the sixth class. 

  Class 7 will be for Touring cars and station wagons from 2,001 cc to 3,000 cc.

Class 8 is for Touring cars and station wagons from 3,001 cc to 4,000cc with those over 4,000cc categorised as class 9.

Another interesting category that fans should look out for is 11 for open sports cars that have convertibles with folding roofs.

Bob Dewar of Alfa Romeo Owners Club (Kenya) said vehicles entered in classes1 to 11 “must be those made after 1940”.

He added that veteran, vintage and post vintage cars made up to December 31st, 1940 will  be categorised in Class 12.

Like competition cars, the motorcycle section has quite a lot to showcase in terms of racing machines. Entrants of class 18 will display the Trail and Enduro motorcycles while those in 19 will showcase competition motorcycles which will include racing, motocross and trial bikes.

Classic and vintage motorcycles made up to December 1960 will be in class 20.

Class13 has street motorcycles up to 350 cc.

Entrants with street motorcycles from 351 cc. to 650 cc will fight it out for points in Class 14 .

Street motorcycles from 651 cc. to 900 cc are categorised in class 15.

Street motorcycles from 901 cc. to 1,200 cc will feature in class 17 while those over1,200 cc in class 18.

Motorcycles entered in classes 13 to 19 must be made after 1960, added Dewar.   

Two of the entries received on the list of Concours car competitors are the 1961 MGA roadster of David Filmer and Gayling May’s 1967 Alfa Romeo Sprint 2600 coupe. Among the motorcycles which will be ridden round the judging ring is the 1956 BSA C10L of Peter Wanday, 

Other entries which have already reached the event office are the 1968 Jaguar 420 of Kevit Desai, the Patron of the Golden Jubilee Africa Concours d’Elegance, Joseph Kamau’s ancient Ford Model A pick up and the 1989 Alfa Romeo of Gurvin Bassi.

Dewar said the only significant change to the regulations this year  “is the requirement that cars, SUVs, 4X4s, pick-ups and utility vehicles must be made in 1995, or earlier.” “This brings the Concours in line with generally applied age limit of a classic car as 25 years, or older.

If this age limit had been introduced last year no car entry would have been excluded.

The minimum age for Concours motorcycles continues to be five years,” Dewar said

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