ADAK warns athletes going against anti-doping rules

Kenyan sportsmen and women have warned to adhere to the laid down rules and regulations, keeping off going against anti-doping regulations during this coronavirus period.

In today’s communication, the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) addressed athletes across the country to adhere to the rules, avoid sporting malpractices.

Signed by Japhter Rugut, the ADAK CEO wrote: “It is noteworthy that in view of the global pandemic of COVID-19, Adak has put in place safety measures and regulations which are in line with the national government directives and therefore continues to collect samples for analysis.”

 “Our Doping Control Officers (DCOs) are always working around the clock, undertaking sample collection in line with the International Standards for Testing and Investigations (ISTI) to ensure there is a clean sporting environment. All athletes are reminded of their duty under the Anti-Doping Rules. Let no athlete mislead themselves or others that the doping control process has been scaled down.”

 “It is also paramount that every national sports federation in Kenya prioritizes putting their house in order, by steadily instilling a culture of discipline among their athletes so as to avert these doping cases in the future,” said Rugut.

“Discipline is an essential foundation for any sport. It builds an athlete’s character to help them set their mind to achieve great things and avoid shortcuts. The national sports federations are required to take all necessary measures within their powers to implement and comply with Anti-Doping Rules that are available on our website.”

 “Isolated incidences of athletes caught violating the anti-doping rules are unfortunate and inexcusable,” he said. “However, these shall not dampen the resolve to continue promoting clean sport as such violations are attributable to lack of discipline and ignorance by the athletes in question.”

Rugut called on all the key stakeholders to treat news of such drug bursts as a wakeup call to increase vigilance in the war against doping.

“Athletes serving periods of ineligibility are reminded that it is their sole responsibility to comply with the terms of their suspension. Adak will not hesitate to impose stiffer penalties to those athletes who wish to make a mockery of the doping control processes,” he warned.

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