Amina: We will host World Safari Rally successfully

Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed is confident that the country will hosting the postponed Safari Rally next year.

Speaking in Naivasha today, Amina hinted that sports action will be back as soon as the government plans to systematically ease restrictions in the wake of Covid- 19 pandemic.

The World Championship Rally (WRC) event was postponed to next year and Amina insisted that the  work progress is ahead of time in readiness for the competition.

“I have been pleased with the work in progress ahead of the championship next year, I’m a hundred percent sure they will beat the deadline and Kenya will be ready for the world .

She added: “We are ready as a country even if we are told to host in September we will do it, we never stopped working even after the date was postponed,” said Amina.

“There will be a lot of equipment that will be brought in the country ahead of the race; these will also include cars for the competition. This will happen a month before the competition; that’s why this service park has to be ready,” added Amina.

She assured environmentalists that the rally would not affect the ecosystem of Hellsgate national park where it would be held

“We expect thousands of rally lovers in Naivasha during the period and we shall use the event to showcase our country’s potential and tourists destination,” she said.

Safari Rally Project CEO Phineas Kimathi exuded confidence that the country would host the event next year despite the cancellations caused by Covid-19.

He said that the move to postpone the event had given the organizers more time to prepare ground work for the event that would be viewed by billions around the world.

“On a normal day Maasai Mara hosts over 800 cars and in Hell’s Gate there will be around 50 cars and the wildlife won’t be affected and this will be an opportunity to sell the national park,” he said.

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