Kenya in double loss to Pakistan in Scrabble championships

Word Warriors, the national Scrabble team fell to Pakistan in their second virtual Scrabble championships played on Sunday evening.

With COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of challenge facing the sporting industry all over the world and scrabble has been no exception with players resorting to online platforms to match their opponents.

After losing to South Africa a week ago in 77-66, the top seed Kenyans registered the second loss to the lowly ranked Pakistan.

Scrabble Kenya is working closely with local players to promote the game; they had a privilege to field a team of 20 to face a Pakistani outfit on the Internet Scrabble. The tournament was split into two divisions each with 20 players, 10 from each country. The tournament ran through 10 rounds consisting of a single round robin.

Kenya lost in both divisions with Division A losing 59-41 against Pakistan while Division B ended 60 ½ – 39 ½.

However, Scrabble Kenya chairman said it was an improvement from the performance against South Africa a few weeks ago and more players had been given a chance to play.

“For most of the players in the intermediate division, this was their first ever international outing. While for those in the senior division, this was an opportunity to keep active and improve on their game. Scrabble has always been a rewarding pass-time, those who play better have more fun,” said Amuke.

He said that he had to thank the players for putting in their time despite being in different localities to ensure the success of the tournament.

“We would also like to thank the Pakistan team for the excursion and hope to have more of the same in future,” he said.

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