Kirui donates iron sheets, Cement to gospel couple to build a house

Two time world marathon champion Abel Kirui was on mission to save Kalenjin Gospel Musician Paul Ng’etich who lives poor life in his rural home in Chemusian, Uasin Gishu County.

The former Olympic marathon silver medalist donated 20 iron sheets and 15 bags of cementto the couple singers Paul Ng’etich and his wife Ann who live in polythene paper thatched house and wall.

Kirui said that helping such people in the society is a blessing to all.

“Athletes and other Kenyans should come out to help the needy, not taking advantage of the coronavirus but it should be a continues process,” he said.

The former Chicago marathon winner said that he can’t solve all Kenyan problems but if they can come together they will reduce the rate of poverty in the country.

He added that it is not just during this COVID-19 that people are suffering but it has pierced the world that they had.

“Many Kenyans have been suffering in silent, living a very poor life before coronavirus now, it is worse and we should support them with little we have,” added the former London marathon winner.

Kirui reached out to Ng’etich after he saw in the social media the kind of life he is living and decided to search for contacts and after one week, he managed to call and booked a date for the meeting.

Ng’etich said Kirui was a God-sent when he received 20 iron sheets with 15 bags of cement to construct a small house.

“Today I thank God for my friend Abel that we never knew each other until he called me after watching my music on youtube and decided to visit me with his kindness. And today I thank him for making the long journey to this home with blessing,” said Ng’etich.  

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