Siele jumped over the fence to avoid DCO- AIU

Patrick Siele jumped over the fence to evade the Doping Control Officers (DCOs) who had visited his home for out of competition doping test.

Siele, who was banned for three years and six months on Wednseday by Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), ran away and hurdled over a fence in a training camp in Kapsabet, Nandi County.

AIU, in their report following his ban said that Siele evaded DCO’s and his offence was “evading Sample collection, or without compelling justification, refusing or failing to submit to Sample collection after notification as authorized in these Anti Doping Rules or other applicable anti-doping rules”.

The athlete was asked to join a group of fellow athletes, who had similarly been selected for doping control, in order to complete the formal written notification procedures on December 18, 2019.

It is while waiting to complete the written notification process that the 23-year old took off and the notification could not be completed.

An attempt by one of the Doping Control Officers to try and follow him was futile as he could not match his pace and a witness further told the AIU that he saw Siele jump over a fence in order to escape from the compound.

Siele was to be initially banned for four years, but after admitting to the offence and this being his first time caught in the anti-doping web, had six months reduced from the initial sentence

“The Athlete has admitted that he was aware that the AIU was seeking to test him on that day and that he took steps intended to avoid being tested by running away from the camp,” a statement from the AIU said.

“The AIU accepts that the Athlete promptly admitted the violation after the AIU’s notification letter on 16 March 2020 and the AIU and the World Anti-Doping Agency have agreed to a 6 month reduction in the 4-year sanction in accordance with Rule 10.6.3 ADR, taking into account the seriousness of his violation and his relative degree of fault being only 23 years old, the fact that this was his first experience of out-of-competition testing and his relative lack of anti-doping education which may have contributed to his error of judgment on the day,” further explained the AIU

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