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EXCLUSIVE: See sensational list of nearly 30 Kenyans who have failed drug tests in sports Accusations that there is rampant drug use by Kenyan athletes are hard to wish away

CHEATING, mostly through use of drugs, has been rampant in Kenya and the country escapes severe punishment such as that over Russia, because it has, in mitigation, made a successful appeal that it is neither systematic nor supported by the state.


However, the country has Athletics Kenya [AK] and National Olympic Committee of Kenya [NOCK] officials under investigation for abetting the vice. Since 2011, more than 40 of its athletes have failed drugs tests mainly in athletics. They are the offending books of WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency], the IOC [International Olympic Committee] or IAAF [International Association of Athletics Federations].

Integrity questions

Many of these have avoided public scrutiny as communication over their doping is made in confidence. However, over time, many have are unable to stay out of the spotlight of this negative publicity.

The country’s sports leaders, especially in athletics and the Olympic movement have however suffered serious questions of integrity and ability to run credible organisations. Four officials of AK are currently under IAAF investigation for doping cover-ups and corruption over monies of the organization.


The NOCK-led Team Kenya to the recent Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro suffered another integrity blow when its team manager, Michael Rotich, was expelled from the games over alleged collusion to tip-off Kenya athletes on impending test visits by international anti-doping agencies. Four NOCK officials have been charged in Kenyan courts of law over various alleged offenses including stealing and other manner of fraud.

Here is the list of nearly 30 Kenya sports people whose involvement in drugs infringements have not escaped publicity.

  1. John Ngugi – (1993, refused to take an out-of-competition drug test, received a four-year suspension )
  2. Rita Jeptoo – (banned for two years after failing a drugs test)
  3. Cosmas Ndeti – (banned for three months for testing positive for a banned substance)
  4. Patrick Konchellah – (failed drug test)
  5. Pamela Chepchumba – (two-year ban after testing positive for the blood-boosting drug erythropoietin (EPO)
  6. Elizabeth Muthuka – (two year ban for testing positive to banned nandrolone)
  7. Emily Chebet – (banned for four years after testing positive for the diuretic and masking agent furosemide. Bronze medallist in the 10,000 meters at last year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Ban was backdated to July 17 and she will be unable to compete until July 16, 2019)
  8. Joyce Nakhumicha Zakary – (four-year ban for furosemide. Set a national record of 50.71 seconds at the World Athletics Championships before her failed test; banned until August 24, 2019)
  9. Fransisca Koki Manunga – (four-year ban for furosemide)
  10. Agnes Jepkosgei – (banned for four years, positive test for anabolic steroid metabolite norandrosterone)
  11. Bernard Mwendia – (two-year ban for norandrosterone)
  12. Judy Jesire Kimuge – (banned two years for norandrolone)
  13. Lilian Moraa Marita – (two years ban for the blood-booster EPO)
  14. Cosmas Mutuku Kyeva – (two-year ban for failing a dope test)
  15. Mathew Kisorio – (two-year suspension in July 2014 after steroids use)
  16. Simon Kemboi – (Sep, 2000 failed a random drug test in Adelaide)
  17. Delilah Asiago– (banned for two years, tested positive for doping during 1999 season)
  18. Flomena Chepchirchir– (2014, for overusing asthma medication , 1 month ban)
  19. Susan Chepkemei– (in 2008, been banned for a year after admitting illegal drug use)
  20. Lydia Cheromei– (banned for two years, sample returned positive for the banned blood-boosting drug EPO)
  21. Nguriatukei Rael Kiyara– (tested positive for norandrosterone, two year ban)
  22. Wilson Loyanae– (four year ban for performance- enhancing drug EPO)
  23. David Munyasia– (boxer, excluded from the Athens Olympic Games, failed a drugs test, banned for two years. Said he had chewed recreational ‘khat’)
  24. Julia Mumbi Muraga– (2014 Cologne Marathon winner, tested positive for the blood booster EPO. Two year ban)
  25. Cyrus Njui– (Tested positive for banned substances February 2008, morphine. Banned 8 months)
  26. Musa Amer Obaid a.k.a Moses Kipkirui (Kenyan/ Qatari): – (refused to submit to drug testing, two year ban)
  27. Ronald Kipchumba Rutto– (Two-year ban , positive for EPO)
  28. William Tanui– (failed a drug test in 1993 but escaped suspension because of a “mistake.”)
  29. Edwin Shimenga (only Kenyan rugby player to test positive – steroids)


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