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Rio Fiasco in Eldoret

Athletes in Eldoret have vowed to camp the whole of Tuesday night guarding the premise that is suspected to be selling stolen Nike kits meant for Rio de Janeiro Olympics team in Brazil.

The camping comes at a time when police based in Eldoret failed to condone the Fast Lane Shop for selling the merchandise after the owner closed the shop when athletes came to the shop early Tuesday morning  to inquire more about the merchants in the shop.

The shopkeeper, after realizing they were athletes, he closed the shop in a hurry, with the door that has three locks, only one was locked leaving others unlocked as he was in a hurry not to be caught.

Abraham Chelang’a who led the morning fiasco said they arrived at the premise at exactly 8:00am and since that they have not left the place while the police from Eldoret police station, who were going to condone the scene, after discovering the presence of journalists, decided to return to the station unceremoniously.

But it was unfamiliar way as police came to the scene 30 hours later.

“We have been all that we can to persuade the police to condone the scene but they have been evading since morning. We are going to camp here the whole of this night to ensure that no kit is removed from the shop,” said Chelang’a.

He said that after seeing what happened with athletes in Brazil and the kits are sold cheaply in Eldoret, was a sad story to tell.

“As an athlete, I feel bad when I see fellow athletes suffering because there are no running kits yet individuals are making profit from the plight of others,” added Chelang’a.

Fast Lane Shop based at Zion Mall basement, which has been in existence for long time, immediately came into limelight after it was posted on social media.

Athletes drawn from various places camped at the shop for the whole day did not give up, waiting police to come to the scene to help in opening the door for the shop to reveal all that was being sold.

On social media Chelang’a posted “Rio Fiasco.” the two words sparked a heated debate with Paul Kosgei responding harshly “My dear friends let’s be men enough this shop has been there for a long period of time selling sport’s kits to our young up coming guys, gentlemen know what to say in public don’t dream at night and tell the whole nation of what you dream,do you went our athletes who doesn’t have contract with sports kits to go to USA to purchase them shame on you.”

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