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Conjestina not well at all

All is not well with former boxing great; Conjestina Achieng. It has not been. Yes, when in her best form, she was on top of her game, as she took on opponents with much ease. Winning was her game and thriving was her name. Conje was the epitome of women boxing in Kenya. No one was doing it as she did; no one…but that was then, it is different now.

Conje is a pale shadow of her former self. Her form has deserted her at the hour of need, so has fame and good health. She has been ailing for a while and was admitted at District Hospital in Kisumu yesterday.

Her mother Getrude Adala, friend Winnie Ougo and musician Juma Tutu took her to hospital after things took an ugly turn.
As Kenyans celebrated Mashujaa Day last Thursday, Conje was wasting away at her Umira Village in Gem. It was also her birthday, but there was nothing to celebrate about really.

Since she was diagnosed with Schizo-affective disorder/paranoid Schizophrenia on September 8, 2012, things have never been the same again. She has become a constant target for ridicule. Perpetual rejection has been her way of life.

Conje has been to numerous hospitals, as her family tries to make her regain her form, but her condition keeps deteriorating. It is sad that her hitherto friends have all abandoned her.

Early last year, the Kenyan boxer, who participated in 27 international fights, winning 17 of them, was detained at a Nairobi hospital over a pending bill of Sh529, 000.

At her prime, Conje was a role model to many. But all the compliments and admiration have now been reduced to ridicule and gossip. That is the sad story of Conjestina ‘Conje’ Achieng.

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