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Bungei launches Emgwen parliamentary bid

It is now official that 2008 Olympic Games 800m champion Wilfred Bungei will be going for Emgwen Parliamentary seat come 2017 general elections.

Coming from Nandi County, the former world 800m silver medalist will face the electorate in the murky waters of politics to unseat the current MP Alex Sang, the son of former long serving cabinet minister Henry Kosgey.

Bungei started his journey in earnest on Thursday after launching his bid, meeting his electorate at his home in Kabirirsang village.

He was categorical that he will be fighting for athletes who will want to change the allegiance to compete for other countries of the world in seeking for an alternative in search of greener pastures.

“It is a shame for our athletes get in terms of rewards. Nothing good has happened to please. Once am in parliament, we have to legislate and make our sportsmen and women to be proud as Kenyans. I want them to feel that once they represent this country, they cannot dream or aspire to join and run for another countries as we have seen,” said the two time world 800m silver medalist.

He added that the athletes who normally go out there, is because they lack good remuneration form Kenya due to poor laws that can guide young athletes.

He also cited athletes who complained about paying taxes. He said in the recent years, and witnessed by all athletes, they have been complaints on taxes and going to the streets to complain in taxation. He says the matter can be solved in parliament.

“This is one of the reasons am seeking this position and do legislation for people to realize the team of our sportsmen and women can be proud by representing this country and not being under pressure to pay taxes. Though am not against athletes paying taxes, they have to make them know on how it will be done. The current parliamentarians who have been there, they have achieved little on behalf of sportsmen and women who represent the country and all of us are proud off.

“For a long time, many people think Kenyans athletes are dopers although some of them do but once we have legislation in place that an curb those cheating and have penalties, many will not do that because they are ruining a career that we have built for a long time. If you listen to people talking about Kenyans on doping now days, it’s bad compared to 30 years back when we never had such incidences. If we pass laws to guide budding athletes, automatically we will be able to restore our dignity,” he said.

And if he makes to the August house come next elections, he would have achieved his dream of representing the people of Emgwen in parliament. He said he has been a leader and his leadership has produced better results.

“The reason to why I decided to join politics is because I have done certain things during my time in athletics. I had an opportunity to lead the people of Kenya especially team Kenya that Olympic Games that were successful. I want to put it that the reason to why I chose to go in politics is because I want to walk with them,” said Bungei.

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