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Kenya 7s for quarter finals

Billy Odhiambo and Willy Ambaka scored two tries each as Kenya overran France 33-14 in their first match of the Cape Town Sevens, the second tournament of the World Rugby Sevens World Series.

Kenya kicked off the match and after some exchanges, Ambaka powered over the line in the second minute after a good run by Augustine Lugonzo.

France came back but a solid defense by Kenya held their opponents at bay. Lugonzo then made a good break and dasked for the line but an ankle tap saw him pass the ball forward to Nelson Oyoo who was in support.

The intense pressure y France paid off when their captain Terry Bouhraoua slipped past the Kenya ranks to score and convert for the lead to change hands 7-5 in favor of France.

From the kick off, there was a knock on and a scrum for Kenya. From the set piece, Odhiambo powered past two French players dishing a hand off and riding a tackle to score under the posts. Lugonzo converted for a 12-7 lead at half time for Kenya.

In the second half, Ambaka scored his second under the posts. Lugonzo converted to stretch the lead 19-7. Almost immediately, he was shown the yellow card. Frank Wanyama and Leonard Mugaisi were introduced in this half.

Double substitution

In the 11th minute, coach Innocent Simiyu made a double substitution bringing in Dan Sikuta and Cyprian Kuto. The change brought some urgency and Sikuta made a powerful run for the line after breaking through the French defensebut lacked support.

Luckily, France knocked the ball in their 22 and the scrum Kuto powered past two tackles sucking in the opponents and Mugaisi picked up the ball to score. Lugonzo converted for a seemingly comfortable 26-7 lead .

Odhiambo scored his second try and Lugonzo converted for a 33-7 lead before France reduced the deficit with a converted try by Bouhraoua.

This was the 21st win by Kenya over France after losing 14-20 in Dubai last week. Andrew Amonde, the team captain played in his 50th tournament.

Kenya play Fiji and Japan in their next matches. Fiji opened their campaign with a 33-7 win over Japan.

Cape Town Sevens day one results

Pool A: South Africa, Australia, USA, Russia; Australia 0 USA 19, South Africa 41 Russia 0,

Pool B: Fiji, France, Kenya, Japan;  France 14 Kenya 33, Fiji 33 Japan 7,

Pool C: England. New Zealand, Argentina, Canada;  New Zealand 26 Argentina 12, England 33 Canada 10, New Zealand 19 Canada 19, England 19 Argentina 14,

Pool D: Wales, Scotland, Samoa, Uganda; Scotland 21 Samoa 19, Wales 29 Uganda 7, Scotland 38 Uganda 7, Wales 17 Samoa 0,

Order of play

France 50 Japan 7, Fiji 28 Kenya 22, Australia 36 Russia 0, South Africa 28 USA 10, Samoa 29 Uganda 5, Wales 21 Scotland 24, Argentina 43 Canada 14, England 7 New Zealand 33, Kenya v Japan, Fiji v France, USA v Russia, South Africa v Australia.

Standing: South Africa 22. Fiji 19, England 17, Wales 15, Australia 13, Scotland 12, France 10,  New Zealand 10, USA 8, Samoa 7, Argentina 5, Canada 3, Uganda 2, Japan 1, Russia 1.

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