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Kering defies to join University, chooses football dream

“I want to be a doctor, I want be a pilot, I want to be a dentist, I want to be an engineer, I want to be a lawyer, I want to be teacher” these are the mastered speech by top achievers in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) for all the years.

But deep in the heart of Uasin Gishu County, at Ziwa village, the script is totally different for top student Maxwell Kering’s dream is different-to play football.

Coming from an area well known for athletics event, Kering has decided not to join university for top job in the country or run for the country in the coming world running shows after KCSE instead he chose to focus on his football career.

He scored an A- from Moi high school Kabarak in the 2016 results to qualify automatically for university position since all C+ and above students, according to the announcement by Education cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’I will join university.

“Joining University is not top on my agenda. Right now I want to focus on football and that is it,” said Kering as he dribbles his ball.

His interest in football began way back at the age of six, and his parents have since been supporting him especially his mother Anne.

For a very long time, we noticed that he loves soccer, so we put him through Ligi Ndogo when he was very young. When he went to Arsenal Camp while in form two, he got a very good report and that is what encouraged us. We are also very fortunate that after his fourth form, he joined Liberty football Academy (Liberty academy owned by former Harambee Stars head Coach Jacob Ghost Mulee) who has been very encouraging words about him,” added Anne.

Well fitted in Arsenal uniform, Kering’s journey to his dream-academy was actualized by among others, his exemplary performance in academics. And the best reward for their son was to ensure he joins the academy and do what he is passionate about.

“He is very hardworking and because of that, we got good recommendation from the school for the football academy. And he will be will be flying out of the country to pursue his long cherished dream,” said Anne.

Looking upon Tottenham Hotspurs midfielder and Harambee Stars captain Victor Wanyama, Kering hopes to come back and play for the country like his mentor Wanyama.

“Wanyama has proved to us that football can be a good career. Even if I don’t excel in football, I can later choose to do sports medicine so that I come back and help nurture other local talents,” said the Arsenal fan away from his mother’s Manchester United fan.

The parents believe excellence is not achieved only through  academics.

Anne added that as much as education is good, they will allow their children to pursue their talents as Kering’s words matched with his mother saying even if going a grade that does not allow you to join university, it is up an individual to decide whether the life  should be determined by that grade. Parents should allow their children to pursue their talents.

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