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Police arrest evangelists in Eldoret

Administration Police (A.P) kept alive their hopes of finishing on top of the Kenya national Super League (NSL) with a narrow victory over Global Field Evangelism (GFE) 105, a team sponsored by a church on Wednesday evening at Kipchoge Keino stadium in Eldoret.

With both teams playing ten men in the field, it was an active play from the start whistle until the second half when Abbas Adbulkarim’s shot from a solo effort gave A.P the lead on 47th minute.

However, hosts responded through Boniface Mukhekhe but his long header was saved by A.P’s keeper Junior Omondi on 49th minute. The win moves AP to 7th place with 14 points while GFE drops from second place to 6th with 14 points after playing 8 matches.

Abdulkarim scored a solitary goal from a solo effort, after a long pass from Nichodemus Etemesi  that GFE 105n defender Elly Otieno missed the clearance and speeding Abbas’ remained with a one on one with GFE 105 keeper Brian Kibet and shot in the left corner for a 1-0.

This was the second match for GFE 105 to lose after they lost the first match to Kenya Commercial Bank a fortnight ago by the similar margin. But GFE 105 tactician Joshua Obare has taken much initiative to avoid losing at home again since all lost matches have taken place as hosts.

At the same time, the second half was interfered when the centre referee Michael Sawanga stopped the match for lack of an ambulance in the field.

The ambulance was in the field for the opening first half of the match but five minutes into the second half, the ambulance was driven out of the field and A.P  technical bench discovered that there was no ambulance, who alerted the fourth official before the game was stopped for 30 minutes.

In the first half, top strikers were red carded by Sawanga. A.P’s Captain and top scorer with seven goals Humphrey Kalemba was the first casualty in the 19th minute after a dangerous foul.

With ten men against eleven, Abbas almost scored with his right foot shot that went over bar when he beat an offside trap.

At 38 minute, GFE 105 striker Zeka Wakoli was also red cared after he missed to score and when he missed the bass, he kicked A.P’s keeper Junior Omondi.

Hosts head coach Joshua Obare said it has been so frustrating, losing points at home compared to when they play away.

“We lost the match on tactics though it is hurting and very sad. The league is still early for either celebration or complain,” said Obare.

His counterpart Dave Major said the game was hard especially playing against GFE and collecting three points.

“GFE is a good team that lacks experience that was advantageous to us. We also had a problem with the level of officiating. The referees should remain professional and up their game since some fouls were unnecessary,” said Major.

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