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Dear Mr. President, I want to meet, thank you for Golf Kits- Charles Odhiambo

“My dream of playing good golf will be achieved once I meet President Uhuru Kenyatta. And I have hope of meeting him to say thanks for the prize he gave.”

This was the opening statement during an interview with Charles Odhiambo, who, through his efforts was given full golf kits by Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta during the Kenya Open golf championships.

Charles Odhambo poses with 'Uhuru Kenyatta' golf Kits
Charles Odhiambo admires his ‘Uhuru Kenyatta’ clubs

Odhiambo, coming from Eldoret golf club wants to meet the president and say thank you for what he did that changed his life especially in his career as a golfer.

“I want to reach out to and meet President Kenyatta to thank him over what he did to me during Kenya Open golf championships this year. He bought me golf kits that I did not have,” said Odhiambo during Coronation and Bendor Trophy golf tournament, a Kenya Amateur Golf Championships at Nakuru Club over the weekend.

“He did what no other person has done in my life. Apart from thanking him for changing my career to the best, I have other matters that I would like to discuss with him. Away from golf discussion, I have some things that I would like to share with him once we meet,” added Odiambo who plays alongside his brothers Jeff Kubwa, Reuben Kubwa and Isaac Makokha who will represent the country at the July Deaflympic Games in Samsun City of Turkey.

He says that his main mission to say thanks to Kenyans and the president who have been supporting his career.

“The President bought for me full set golf kits. He bought the kits after I used one wood that I had borrowed and I requested him to buy for me my own golf kits, which he did without questioning, unfortunately I did not get a chance to say thanks as the kits were brought in the club in my absence hence missing out the opportunity of thanking him personally,” he added.

The handicap 08 golfer shot the longest drive and went to talk to the president that he lacked golf kits and he knew he was a good player.

“That was my first time to meet and talk to the president and I will be lucky to meet him for the second time.  At the same time, I lack sponsor to handle my golfing tournaments. Sometimes I miss some golf tournaments across the country especially such KAGC meetings across the country. Sometimes I lack transport to travel to events,” explained Odhiambo.

And this is how he attracted the president’s attention to buy him kits. “At Kenya open I hit the longest drive, which is another tournament that is not played by professional players. So we had three ball chances and I was lucky one of my balls was found between the farewell the longest one with 355 yards and my competitor had shot 350 yards long and the difference was 5 yards and that is how I landed the prize of the longest drive prize,” explained.

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