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Ethan Nyachae shines in Motocross at Jamhuri racetrack

Ethan Nyachae riding a KTM125 was the star attraction as the fifth round of the Kenya National Motocross Championship culminated at Jamhuri Park racetrack over the weekend.

Ethan defeated his training partner and one of Kenya’s fastest rider Ngugi Waweru in pulsating combined heat runs which pitted MX125 riders against their MX2 opponents.

Jet Takkunen won all the three heats at stake to emerge the winner in MX65.

“The race went really good. I managed to win two races (heats) then fell on the second one and didn’t manage to catch up as I had lost so much time. The strategy was to  do one heat at a time then see how to contain the pressure from Ngugi and Sherman. I have come to grips with the KTM and hope to win every race now going on,’ said Ethan.

Ngugi was all smiles and had  this to say after his win against Sherman in MX2 Class.

” It was a tough race. I hadn’t ridden my bike since April, lucky I got to win MX2 class. in combined heat runs I got 2-1-3 which wasn’t that bad and I’m glad I was able to score a few championship points,” said Ngugi.

Jamhuri Park was a beehive of activity. Sunday’s heat runs treated spectators to some exhilarating displays of riding artistry on both sides.

Across the track, Baldev Singh Chager, Samman Vohra, Shalien Mughal, Ryan Bailey won their races in the fifth round of the KCB KMSC National Autocross Championship.

Chager was blindingly fast in his chopped up Subaru autocross car which is an ex-Carl Tundo N10 Impreza.

Ryan beat Rajveer Thethy to the Junior Class race while Samman in a Rage buggy beat Duncan in the 2WD Non Turbo Class. Duncan is testing his classic car ahead of the Kenya Airways East African Safari Classic Rally slated forKenya and Uganda in November.

Anish Chouhan who shared the Subau N10 with Chager came in second ahead Rehan Shah.

Shalien Mughal won the 2WD NT Class and had this to say: “I had a very good race today (Sunday). The pace was quite fast and we managed to set the fastest times in our class. Had a gearbox issue in my last head but managed to hold the lead. On the other hand team mate lovejoyt managed to finish 1st runner up. So it was a great 1-2 finish for Izmir Racing.”


Motocross 5 Results

MX50: Tanav Choda 57, Benzinge State 48, Harley Calder 38


MX65: Jet Takkunen 60,vNeo Wahome 51, Rafe  Garner 43


MX2 : Ngugi Waweru 57, Elias Sherman 54, Rolf Kihara 45


MX125: Ethan Nyachae 60, Kigen Kiplagat 51, K. Kandie 45


KCB KMSC National Autocross 5 Results

Baldev Chager (4WDT) 0:5.40.97 minutes

Anish Chouhan/4WDT)/0.:5.44.72

Rehan  Shah (4WDT) 0:5.48.41

Shalien Mughal (2WDT) 0:5.48.80

Azar Anwar (4WDT) 0:5.49.20

Lovejyot Singh (2WDT) 0:5.53.32

Aakif Virani (4WDT) 0:5.54.80

Samman Vohra (2WNT) 0:6.02.21

Karan Sehmi (2WDT) 0:6.02.71

Sahib Omar (2WDT) 0:6.04.95

Imran Hakada (2WDT) 0:6.04.99

Ian Duncan (2WDNT) 0:6.05.16

Azar Anwar (4WDT) 0:6.09.99

Zameer Verjee (2WDT) 0:6.17.38

McRae Kimathi (4WDT) 0:6.21.46

Junaid Shah (2WDT) 0:6.22.30

Murage Waigwa (4WDT) 0:6.25.42

Jasminder Bharij (4WDT) 0:6.25.60

Ken Nteere (4WDT) 0:6.27.91

Chris Gow (2WDT) 0:6.30.42

Ryan Bailey (Junior) 0:6.32.13

Nikhil Kapoor (2WDT) 0:6.32.88

Kirit Rajput (4WDT) 0:6.33.16

Gillian Bailey (2WDNT) 0:6.35.17

Snehal Kumar (4WDT) 0:6.36.39

Hamza Anwar (2WDNT) 0:6.38.01

Azar Anwar (2WDT) 0:6:46.13

Rajveer Thethy (Junior) 0:6.47.77

Shaz Esmail (2WDT) 0:6.48.82

Abdul Rehan (2WDNT) 0:6.49.99

Nisha Pandya (2WDT) 0:6.52.18

Yuv Matharu (Bambino) 0:7.30.27

Syanna Jessop (Bambino)  0:7.40.82

Jackson Wandeto (4WDT) 0:8.37.78

Tsevi Soni (Bambino) 0:9.20.18

Yuvi Rajput (Bambino) 0:9.26.29

Illiyun Mughal (Bambino) 0:9.47.08

Kunal Petel (2WDT) 0:12.05.00

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