Inspired by Tiger Woods, Ishaan Nathani takes golfing career

At fourteen years old Ishaani Nathani has taken up golf as a career and wants to take it to the highest level as he sharpens his skills.

Inspired by United States of America (USA) professional golfer Tiger Woods, Nathan is optimistic one day he will be playing professional golfer across the world.

Qahir Manji, Ishaan Nathani, Tiger Woods, Eldoret, Igbal Nathani, Gulab Lochab Academy
Ishaani Nathani clears th4e ball from a bunker

“I saw him (Woods) calculate his shot where the ball was between the trees but his shot directed the ball directly into the hole. That was amazing.

With just four months after joining the green career, the year nine student at Gulab Lochab Academy.

Without experience on the greens, Nathani was introduced to play golf by his friend Qahir Manji and from that time, February he has taken the sport seriously.

“Initially I was not a golfer but I was introduced and motivated to play the game by my friend Manji. He asked me one day if I could play golf and I decided to go for it and it is good,” said Nathan at Eldoret golf club.

The 14 year old started practicing from the range and he realized the game was so good and likeable.

“Once I joined Eldoret club, I met with professional golfer Boniface Simwa, and everything started working well for me,” explained.

Mixing school and golf at the same time, Nathan trains on Saturday s and Sundays to sharpen his skills that is getting better and better each time.

“My good playing is because of Simwa, the professional who has urged me that am capable and I can do it. Once my friend Manji left, I started playing with Simwa. Through that, I managed to drive the ball well,

Last weekend, he played well managing stable ford 37 points winning the best markers’ prize.

“Now I feel golf is a good sport loved by all. Am inspired by tiger woods who is so amazing,” affirmed Nathani.

But he is learning a lot from experienced golfers whom he says even if they miss a shot they don’t complain but some like him, if they miss they become angry and dissolution.

But his success lies with his parents led by his father Igbal Natahni. He says, whatever he is doing today, lies squarely with the commitment from his father whom he describes as a heroin both his life and golfing career.

“My father (Igbal) motivates me a lot. He is my hero. When I request for anything, he will give without questioning so long as it is on a good course. He also advises me to take each task by itself. When it is time for school, I concentrate same to golf,” concluded Nathani.

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