Warsaw marathon: Recho Kosgei is recuperating well-Volare Sports

Volare Sports management has reacted furiously to what happened to the company athlete Recho Kosgei during Warsaw marathon on Sunday.

Kosgey fumbled and collapsed with 8oom to the finish line in a chilly run.

In a statement, Volare wrote “September the most tragic situation happened during the Warsaw Marathon. Our every happy athlete Recho Kosgei collapsed just a few hundreds of metres before the finish line.”

According to the statement, Kosgei has recovered from the problem, said she was recovering well.

Kosgei: “‘I felt very strong the whole race. I don’t remember what happened at that point. When I see myself on the video I just know I really wanted to get up and keep going.’

Kosgei was just less than 1 km away from a victory and a personal best. Kosgei has been training since Barcelona Marathon,  that was held in March this year.

Kosgei said: “I was so confident and knew this was going to be my day. After all those months of hard work with my training mates of Volare Sports, I knew I could do it.”

Koskei had a very good build up in the preparation. Her training showed she was able to run 2:28-2:29. Recho is an experienced marathon runner and made small steps and improved very well in Barcelona this year. Where she set her PB to 2:30:09. Recho missed her bottles at the 30, 35 and 40km mark during the race.

Kosgei: ‘It was a torture, I saw the Ethiopian lady passing me and knew the game was over. But I thank God I am healthy. I was taken to the hospital and they took good care of me. I could travel home the next day.’

We have been in contact with the organization about this matter, they have taken care of Kosgei in their best way possible.

We know the personal situation of Kosgei very well. At this point, we are doing our utmost best to help Kosgei on this matter and hope we can help her recover the prize money that she was to win.

The footage of the race is really heartbreaking, it’s a torture for us as management to see this, knowing the hard work the athlete has put into it. Recho has arrived Kenya well and in good health. Her determination and focus is what we admire. She is smiling again and already eager for good things to come.

We wish Recho a good recovery.

Volare Sports Management.

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