Guru Nanak: All systems go

It’s all systems go as the 38th Multiple Hauliers Guru Nanak Rally heads to Naivasha’s Aberdares Hills and Delamere Farm (Soysambu Conservancy) on Sunday.

Clerk of the course Sinder Sudle said during the pre-event briefing Tuesday evening that there will be two spectator stages at Aberdare Hills in Naivasha and the “Monkey Bridge” on Delamere Farm.

Sudle added the event will feature three stages (Hay Gate and Nyati at Delameres and Aberdares Hiils Naivasha) which will be repeated twice with the Service Park and scrutineering being based at Bufallo Mall.

Bufallo Mall will also serve as the start, finish and venue for prize giving on Sunday October 1.

“The main competitive sections are two in Delamere at Soysambu Conservancy and one at Aberdare Hills. We have a total of 158km of competitive mileage with the three sections being repeated twice. This time we have tried to make the event as safe as possible for both the competitors and spectators. We have gone out of our way to issue very vital spectator information. We will have two main spectator points, one at Soysambu which is popularly known as the Monkey Bridge and entry to Soysambu spectators will have to pay for it. Entry to Aberdare spectator stage will be free of charge. We have issued special spectator information and this information is very vital and should be adhered to by all spectators,” said Sudle.

During the press briefing at Sikh Union, Job Njiru, KCB Head of Customer Experience said they are proud to be associated with the Guru Nanak Rally on its 38th edition.

The event is co-sponsored by KCB, who are the official banking partners, Buffalo Mall, beverage sponsors Red Bull and Aberdare Hills who will play host to the second spectator stage.

“At KCB Bank Group we are very excited to be part and parcel of this rally. KCB Bank Group is the official banking partner of Kenya Motor Sports Federation and also we ae the title sponsors of the autocross in the country. So we are very proud to be associated with the sport and the positive impact that we have in motor sports over the years. Guru Nanak has always been a tale of resilience and endurance and that is usually seen in the kind of punctures we witness in the rally, misfiring engines and drama on the track and it’s about tactic and sheer determination that will play a major role in determining who gets a podium finish in this rally especially in the Aberdare and Nyati stages which I know most of you are looking forward to,” said Njiru who will also be calling the pace-notes of Issa Amwari on the rally.

The weekend event, added Njiru, will be characterizes with the clouds of dust “and I know some of the drivers are dreaming of some splashes of mud in their fight for speed glory.”

“So to all drivers and navigators, you should know that KCB is extremely proud of you. We admire the work that you and your teams and crews do to make sure that it’s an exciting event throughout the weekend. So on my personal behalf and that of KCB Bank, I wish you the very best in Sunday’s outing and to all spectators I urge you to come out again in lots of numbers to come and watch this this thrilling event after a long break in rallying and just to keep safe as we have been told by the Clerk of the Course and make sure that we all have an amazing family outing,” said Njiru in finality.




  1. Ian Duncan 72points
  2. Manvir Baryan 68
  3. Tapio Laukkanen 63
  4. Carl “Flash” Tundo 60
  5. Karan Patel 59
  6. Baldev Singh Chager 58
  7. Jassi Singh Chatthe 36
  8. Onkar Singh Rai 33
  9. Farhaaz  Khan 28

10= Tejveer Rai /Quentin Mitchel 12



  1. Manvir Baryan/Drew Sturrock (Skoda)
  2. Carl “Flash” Tundo/Tim Jessop (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)
  3. Onkar Rai/Gareth Dawe (Skoda Fabia R5)
  4. Tapio Laukkanen/Gavin Laurence (Subaru)
  5. Baldev Chager/Ravi Soni (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)
  6. Jaspreet Chatthe/Gugu Panesar (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)
  7. Ian Duncan/Amaar Slatch (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)
  8. Amaanraj Rai/Timothy Challen (Ford Fiesta R5)
  9. Karan Patel/James Mwangi Harrison (Mitsubishi EVO10)
  10. Tejveer Rai/Zahir Shah (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)
  11. Farhaaz Khan/Keith Henrie (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)
  12. Jasmeet Chana/Ravi Chana (Mitsubishi Evo10)
  13. Piero Cannobio/Sylvia Frigo (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)
  14. Mahesh Halai/Ketan Halai (Subaru Impreza N12)
  15. Eric Bengi/Tuta Mionki (Subaru Impreza N12)
  16. Minesh Rathod/Shameer Yusuf (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)
  17. Raaji Bharij/Rajay Sehmi (Ford Escort MK1)
  18. Stefano Roca/Piers Daykin (Datsun 280Z)
  19. Issa Amwari/Job Njiru (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)
  20. Jansher Sandhu/Gurveer Pandhal (Mitsubishi Evo9)
  21. Osman Abdullahi/George Mwangi (Subaru Impreza N14)
  22. Natasha Tundo/Chantal Young (Subaru Impreza N10)
  23. Ammar Haq/Victor Okundi (Subaru Impreza N10)
  24. Daren Miranda/Wayne Fernandez (Subaru N10)
  25. Edward Maina/Tony Kimondo (Subaru Impreza)
  26. Geoff Mayes/ Charley Sayer-Payne (Land Rover V8)
  27. Ramesh Vishram/Riyaz Ismail (Ford Escort MK2)
  28. Rajesh Maini/Devan Bhundia (Range Rover)
  29. Sammy Nyorri/Mwangi Waithaka (Toyota RunX)
  30. Leonardo Varese/Kigo Kareithi (Toyota Corolla RSI)
  31. Charles Hinga/Absalom Aswani (Toyota RunX)
  32. David Kioni/Edward Njoroge (Subaru GC8)
  33. Dr. Raj Jutley/M. Etienne (Datsun 160J)
  34. Sam Karangatha/Edward Ndukui (Subaru Leon)




07:33: CS1-Hay Gate 1 Start-Eland 1 (31.30km)

08:11: CS2-Nyati Start 1-Nyati End 1 (24.85km)


09:59: CS3-Abeerdare Start 1-Aberdare End 1 (22.85km)

11:17: CS4-Hay Gate 2 Start-Eland 2 (31.30km)

11:55: CS5-Nyati Start 2-Nyati End 2 (24.85km)


13:43: CS6-Aberdare Start 2-Aberdare End 2 (22.85km)




1973: Vic Preston Sr/Bill Parkinson (Mercedes Benz 250)

1974: NOT HELD

1975: Mike Hanson/Ian Grant (Mazda 626)

1976: Manjit Panesar/Chaani Panesar (Datsun 1600sss)

1977: NOT HELD

1978: Chris Bates/Belinda Davidson (Colt Lancer)

1979-1983: NOT HELD

1984:Ann Taith/Sylvia King (Opel Ascona 400)

1985: Vic Preston Jnr/John Lyall (Lancia 037)

1986: Ian Duncan/Ian Munro (Opel Manta 400)

1987: Ian Duncan/Ian Munro (Toyota Celica TCT)

1988: Ian Duncan/Ian Munro (Subaru Supra)

1989: Ian Duncan/Ian Munro (Toyota Celica GT4)

1990: Patrick Njiru/Dave Williamson (Subaru Legacy)

1991: Steve Anthony/Paul Valentine (Mazda 323)

1992: Sarbi Rai/Supee Soin (Toyota Celica GT4)

1993: Sarbi Rai/Supee Soin (Toyota Celica GT4)

1994: Tanveer Alam/Mo Verjee (Subaru Impreza)

1995: Ian Duncan/Dave Williamson (Toyota Celica Turbo)

1996: Rob Hellier/ Des Page Morris (Mitsubishi Galant VR4)

1997: Emmanuel Katto/Frank Gitau (Toyota Celica Turbo)

1998: Paul Bailey/Raju Sehmi (Toyota Celice Turbo)

1999: Alastair Cavenagh/ Crispin Sasson (Subaru Impreza)

2000: Ian Duncan/Salim Haji (Toyota Land Cruiser pick Up)

2001: Ian Duncan/Salim Haji (Toyota Land Cruiser pick Up)

2002: Ian Duncan/Salim Haji (Toyota Land Cruiser pick Up)

2003: Ian Duncan/Salim Haji (Toyota Land Cruiser pick Up)

2004: Baldev Chager/Farakh Yusuf (Subaru Impreza)

2005: Riyaz Kurji/Farakh Yusuf (Subaru Impreza)

2006: Ian Duncan/Amaar Slatch (Toyota Hilux pickup)

2007: Ian Duncan/Amaar Slatch (Toyota Hilux pickup)

2008: Lee Rose/Piers Daykin (Mitsubishi EVO9)

2009: Carl Tundo/Tim Jessop (Mitsubishi EVO9)

2010: Lee Rose/Piers Daykin (Mitsubishi EVO9)

2011: Carl Tundo/Tim Jessop

2012: Carl Tundo/Tash Tundo

2013: Badev Chager/Ravi Soni

2014: Ian Duncan

2015: Tapio Laukkanen

2016: Rajbir Rai



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