Frankfurt marathon: Shura Kitata Tola beats Kenyan Mark Korir for a win

Ethiopian Shura Kitata Tola killed the Kenyan dominance to win the 36th edition of Frankfurt Marathon title today (Sunday 29th).

Tola beat defending champion Mark Korir from Kenya where he led a 1-2-3 red carpet podium finish for Ethiopian side.

The Ethiopian crossed the finish line in 2:05.50 as Korir was 10th overall in 2:12.37 in a race that saw Ethiopians win all podiumplaces.

Gezahegn Woldaregay Kelkile was second timing 2:06.65 followed by countrymate Feleke Zedeye Getu in 2:07.46 before first Kenyan Martin Kipkurgut Kosgey came 4th in 2:09.39.

1. Tola, Shura Kitata (ETH) 2:05:50
2. Woldaregay, Kelkile Gezahegn 2:06:56
3. Zegeye, Getu Feleke (ETH) 2:07:46
4. Kosgey, Martin Kiprugut (KEN) 2:09:39
5. Griffiths, Dewi (GBR) 2:09:49
6. Gabius, Arne (GER) 2:09:59
7. Szost, Henryk (POL) 2:10:09
8. Smith, Scott (USA) 2:12:21
9. Fauble, Scott (USA) 2:12:35
10. Korir, Mark (KEN) 2:12:37

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