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Patrice Tomno to serve as Kitale golf club Captain

Patrice Tomno has captured the Kitale Golf Club’s captain post after flooring his close competitor and former captain Michael Kimutai.

The 38 year old golfer has promised much changes in the club and raise the number of golfers to about 100 and increase membership to the club.

“I Patrice Tomno wish to state that I shall revive the green watering project and bring harmony in the golf section,” Tomno made an oath of office.

Handicap 18 golfer replaces the outgoing captain Fandi Shiyuka who served half of the term. Shiyuka took over from Kimutai who resigned with a few months into office.

“I’m looking forward to  bring tournament to the club in collaboration with all the golfers and members of the club .I intend to increase the no of golfing members to make the club self sufficient on its own golfers,” added the ever smiling golfer.

With many golfers and members, majority of them being inactive, Tomno has vowed to put more of his effort and energy to usher in a new era.

“After looking on the club register I have realized even with a membership of 1000 plus member the section has handily 40 active members
For this matter I have a plan for recruitment to have not less than 100 golfers,” concluded he concluded who collected 32 votes against Kimutai’s 26.

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