Top runners at #KenyaXCTrials makes world X-country slot

Top six athletes will be automatically at the 23rd February national cross country trials will get a ticket for the world cross country championships to be staged in Aarhus, Denmark.

Athletics Kenya vice president Paul Mutwii said the championships will be too stiff and each athlete will have to compete to get a ticket though they have a chance for wild card depending on the outcome of an athlete whom they think is good but missed the opportunity due to unavoidable circumstances.

“We have a very stiff competition whereby the selection criteria becomes difficult but one thing that we need to know is that cross country season started last year, in which case, even right now but any athlete who has gotten position 1-6. will not be in the team though under unclear circumstances, we may give a wild card,” said Mutwii.

He said that they will not be taking an athlete who will not compete at the national trials, even if he did well in weekend meets and overseas and won all of them but doe-sent take part in over trials, they have no business with that athlete.

“The athlete to be considered is the one who has competed here and because of a reason or the other, the technical group will be able to point out that this athlete did not score score position 1-6 then we will be able to make a decision and probably include that person into the team,” said Mutwii.

He added: “The other thing is that we doing is to accept athlete running individually. All the athletes must be sponsored by a region or Athletics Kenya affiliates. We are not going to allow an athlete however good he is.”

The camp will be set after one week of trials at Kigari Teachers College in Embu

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