Sarah Hoare: Use schools to tap, nurture golf talents

 Kenya Ladies Golf Union (KLGU) chairperson Sarah Hoare has urged golfers across the country to identify golf talents to ensure continuity of the sport in the country.

Last year, Kenya hosted the first-ever European Ladies professional Tour at Vipingo Ridge Baobab, the only PGA accredited golf course on the African continent where Germany international Esther Henseleit shot a course-record round of 64 to win the title to enter into history books as the first winner of the tournament with a score of 14-under par 274.

This year’s event will be staged at the same venue and is supposed to be held on 12th to 15th November.

Following the successful hosting of the tour, Hoare, who took the helm of the ladies position early this year has urged individuals to start talent search so that there will be no gap after the current generation will not have much-needed energy to play competitive golf.

“We have to ensure as ladies that we have quality players from across the country. Since I took over, my work is to ensure that we get the best lady golfers from each club to booster our esteem,” said Hoare.

She insisted that local schools can be the best place for tapping, nurturing and moulding talents across the country since they are still young and instilling golf skills will be easy for the trainers.

“We have great schools in this nation that can give the best players just like in other sports where there are sports. They are tapped at the teenage stage and nurtured to ensure that they play the best once their time comes,” added Hoare.

He said that she will be championing for the ladies as one of the mandates that she is supposed to do at the union.

“I have the mandate to ensure there is a good flow of the sport in the country and that can only be achieved if we come together and support our young people. At the same time, we want to tell golfers from each club to motivate their children to play golf to avoid the vacuum that may occur,” she said.

Source: The Star Newspaper

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