City Stars distribute food to Kebera as corona bites

Nairobi City Stars FC and Team Pankaj today distributed food and essential items in Kibra slums with an aim to cushion the most vulnerable families in the area from the effects of the Covid – 19 pandemic.

Jonathan Jackson, Chairman of the Jonathan Jackson Foundation said of the efforts, “With the measures the government has put in place to aid in flattening the curve and stop the spread of Covid-19 in the country, we are witnessing a situation in which communities in some parts of Nairobi and the country are feeling the effects more adversely than others due to the strain on the economy.” 

He continued, “We work with these communities on a daily basis, and therefore understand their needs. In working with organizations like the Nairobi City Stars, we have access to manpower and support that allows us reach a wide section of the community in a short period of time. Team Pankaj are also supporting us with the large donations that they are receiving. We are also working with local authorities and community workers who help us identify the most vulnerable families.”

Speaking for the celebrated football club, its CEO Mr. Patrick Korir said, “Ours is a community team. We would not be able to get where we are as a club without the support of the community. As such, we will continue to work with the Jonathan Jackson Foundation, Team Pankaj and other willing partners to ensure we reach as many vulnerable communities as we can.”

The teams distributed at 10 locations including Soweto, Ayani, Kianda, Mama Okinda among many others in Kibera, with plans to increase the locations. 

Mr. Jackson also noted that the pandemic is not only costing lives globally, but with its projected impact on economic and living standards, non-governmental institutions, private sector players and the government will need to work together to not only help economies recover, but also ensure that the vulnerable groups in society are able to recover quickly. 

“As the country continues to implement ways of managing the spread of the novel coronavirus disease, all Kenyans can feel the effects. We call upon private sector players and non-governmental institutions, to support the government in cushioning the vulnerable groups during the pandemic, allowing them to more quickly recover after.” Mr. Jackson continued to re-iterate. “Today, we have provided over 1000 families with foodstuff, soaps and other essential items. Over the next few weeks, we plan to increase that number, as well as the regions reached. ”

He concluded by adding that the Jonathan Jackson Foundation will work with anyone who needs help with distribution and identifying needy families, through their partnership with local authorities and community workers. 

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