Kipchoge and Wanja: Stay discipline

World marathon record holder Eliud Kipchoge and Malkia Strikers iconic setter Janet Wanja have clarified that it is only discipline that can keep people in sports.

Speaking to BBC’s Lynne Wachra on a web seminar organized by the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK), said discipline has kept them in the sport for long.

“Self-discipline is what drives me. It takes a lot of discipline for one to set priorities right in order. Without discipline success is nothing. That’s what guides you and brings you back to the course when you are outside,” Kipchoge.

 “For you to maintain at the top, you need to be disciplined, stay focused, set your goals, always want to learn more and take things positively,” Wanja says.

Another important aspect of discipline as highlighted by Kipchoge is being humble in victory and learning to move on and not over-celebrate.

He castigated athletes who choose to ‘tell the body thank you’ and over-indulge after victory.

Wanja also weighed in on the same saying; “You need to remain grounded and surround yourself with people who will give you the right advice.”

While the world always remember their faces upon success, Kipchoge and Wanja have both stated that they have had to learn with their losses even when the world and critics have pinned them on the walls.

Kipchoge reflected on missing out on an Olympic spot in 2012, stating it was one of the lowest moments in his career.

“Missing one event is not suicide; tomorrow is another day. You just treat it as a challenge and the next day go back to training. I don’t believe in obstacles, I treat them as challenges. I don’t lose, I learn,” Kipchoge stated.

Wanja says; “Everyone has a bad day in office but then, how you pick yourself up from failure is all that matters. You just go back to the drawing board and analyze yourself, know what you did wrong and self-motivate to do better.

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