Rift Valley upbeat as KVF league serves off this weekend

Rift Valley Prison Volleyball has begun its preparations in earnest ahead of the first leg of Kenya Volleyball Federation League (KVF) serves off on 23rd and 24th January 2021 at the Eldoret Main Prison ground.

The Eldoret meeting consists of men’s group two league that has the hosts Rift Valley Prison, Nairobi Prison, Vihiga County and Nairobi Water in the new structure on 23rd and 24th January 2021.

According to the fixtures released by KVF, hosts will open the court against Nairobi Prisons on Saturday playing simultaneously with Western Prisons against Vihiga County in the morning hours before Western Prison taking on Nairobi Prisons and Rift Valley Prisons play Vihiga County in the afternoon.

On Sunday, there will be two matches in the morning as Vihiga County play Nairobi Prisons with Rift Valley Prisons tackling Western Prisons

Barnaba Keino, the officer in-charge of Eldoret Main prison said it is the only team from the Rift Valley playing at the national level after making their maiden appearance last year in Nyeri but the league was forced to be suspended due to the coronavirus.

Team manager Robert Cheruiyot said they training well at the Eldoret Main Prison with much expectations when the league resumes.

“In our preparations, the players are fit and we expect to win all the matches that come that day by taking home advantage.  By the end of the league, we expect to qualify into the play-offs despite the challenges arising as the new comers in the league,” said Cheruiyot.

Head coach Haron Chebii is optimistic that they will win at home despite coronavirus hitting his players in the first days of training.

“This a new team in the league and we played well in the first game and we emerged the most disciplined team in Nyeri. Once we resumed training, two of our players tested positive for covid-19 and we had to break again and resumed in December,” said Chebii.

“As a coach, I expect anything in sports but due to the preparations, we expect good results and because we are playing at home, we have pressure from sponsors and fans because we are playing at home. When you play at home, many fans tend to cheer their players hence they need good results. The player should know that the interest of a sponsor is a win,” said

Captain Anthony Chemonges said that volleyball is a game of moral and discipline and mental stability is the key to success.

“Playing at home, we need to win. After playing in Nyeri, we were a young disciplined team and they gave us moral support that we are a good team. We have been given facilities to play well. Playing at home, we don’t want to lose any game to visitors,” concluded Chemonges.

The KVF full fixtures for the weekend 23rd -24th January


Venue KPC Estate Nairobi

Saturday Jan 23, 2021

10.00 hrs – Nairobi Water vs Kenya Pipeline

14.00 hrs – KDF Vs Nairobi Prisons

Sunday Jan 24, 2021

10.00 hrs- Nairobi Prisons Vs Kenya Pipeline

14.00 hrs – Nairobi Water vs KDF


Venue – Nyayo National Stadium

Saturday 23, 2021

10.00 hrs – DCI VS KCB

14.00 hrs – Kenya Prisons Vs Kenya Army

Sunday January 24, 2021

10.00 hrs – KCB Vs Kenya Prisons

14.00 hrs – Kenya Army Vs DCI


Venue – Mombasa Shimo La Tewa Prisons

Saturday 23, 2021

10.00 hrs – Prisons Mombasa Vs AP Kenya

10.00 hrs – Kenya Forest Rangers Vs KDF

12.00 hrs –KPA vs Prison Mombasa

14.00 hrs – AP Kenya vs Kenya Forest Service

14.00 hrs – KDF vs KPA

Sunday January 24, 2021

10.00 hrs – KFS VS KPA

10.00 hrs – KDF VS AP KENYA 


14.00 hrs – AP KENYA VS KPA



Venue – Eldoret GK Prison

Saturday 23, 2021

10.00 hrs – Rift Valley Prisons vs Nairobi Prisons 

10.00 hrs – Western Prisons Vs Vihiga County 

14.00 hrs – Western Prison Vs Nairobi Prisons

14.00 hrs – Rift Valley Prisons Vs Vihiga County

Sunday 24, 2021

10.00 hrs – Vihiga County vs Nairobi Prisons

10.00 hrs – Rift Valley Prisons Vs Western Prisons



Saturday 23, 2021

10.00 hrs – Kenya Prisons VS Equity Bank

10.00 hrs – Kenya Army Vs GSU

14.00 hrs –  Equity Bank Kenya Army

14.00 hrs – GSU VS Kenya Prisons

Sunday  24, 2021

10.00 hrs – Kenya Prisons VS Army 

10.00 hrs – GSU  Vs  EQUITY BANK

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