KVF second leg matches serves off in a fortnight

Three venues will host the second leg of Kenya Volleyball Federation (KVF) league set for late this month.

According to the fixtures released today by the federation, the men’s team will be playing at the Vihiga’s Kidundu sports ground while the Group 2 will be hosting their matches at the Nanyuki stadiu.

The women, which has only attracted eight teams will be playing their matches at the Nyayo stadium.

KVF second leg fixtures

27th-28th February 2021

Men Group one at Vihiga’s Kidundu stadium

Saturday 27th

  1. Vihiga County vs Prison Kenya
  2. Equity Bank vs KPA
  3. Nairobi Prison vs AP Kenya
  4. Vihiga County vs Equity Bank
  5. Nairobi Prison vs KPA
  6. AP Kenya vs Prison Kenya

Sunday 28th

  • Vihiga County vs AP Kenya
  • Equity Bnk vs Nairobi Prison
  • Prison Kenya vs KPA
  • Equity Bank vs AP Kenya
  • Prison Kenya vs Nairobi Prison
  • Vihiga County vs KPA

Group two at Nanyuki stadium

Saturday 27th

  1. Western Prison vs KDF
  2. GSU vs Prison Mombasa
  3. KFS vs Rift Valley Prison
  4. Kenya Army vs KDF
  5. GSU vs KFS
  6. Prison Mombasa vs Rift Valley Prison

Sunday 28th

  • Kenya Army vs KFS
  • Western Prison vs Mombasa Prison
  • KDF vs Rift Valley Prison
  • Wesern Prison vs KFS
  • Kenya Army vs Mombasa Prison
  • KDF vs GSU

Women at Nyayo stadium

Saturday 27th

  1. KPC vs Kenya Army
  2. Nairobi Prison vs DCI
  3. Nairobi Water vs Kenya Prison
  4. KCB vs KDF

Sunday 28th

  • DCi vs Nairobi Water
  • Kenya Prison vs Nairobi Prison
  • KDf vs Kenya Army
  • KPC vs KCB
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