FIVB make changes in volleyball rules

Kenyan volleyball clubs have welcomed the new changes by the Federation of International Volleyball on players during matches.

On Tuesday, during the 37th FIVB World Congress, they changed some rules of volleyball where teams are now allowed to substitute a player who has already been expelled or disqualified.

Initially, teams were only allowed to make a maximum of six substitutions and a seventh one would be a relief to the teams.

At the same time, the blocker and attacker on the attacker’s side of the net is now allowed. Initially, this was adjudged to be over-reaching.

A libero player can now be the captain. A libero is that player who serves as a defensive specialist. In another move, the ball can now be recovered by a player over the entire scoring table. Initially, it was restricted to the half of the tablethat is on the side of the player’s team.

These changes, as well as all changes that were approved, will come into force on January 1, 2022.

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