Adhere to simple whereabouts- Tuwei

Top Kenyan athletes have been banned by the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), especially elite athletes who got the attention of Athletics Kenya president Jack Tuwei.

This year, the AIU has banned Jacob Kendagor who failed or refused to submit a sample and James Kibet (norandrosterone) while late last year, Alfred Kipketere and Elijah Manangoi were all banned for two years for their whereabouts.

Speaking at the national cross country championships cum national trials for the Africa cross country championships in Lome, Togo, Tuwei said Kenyan athletes said the major challenges they go through is the whereabouts, which he described as a very simple exercise that every individual and every athlete is able to do.

“Each athlete has to make sure they get out of missing the tests and submit the samples as required. Unfortunately, most of these athletes who are in this list of whereabouts are the most elite athletes. It is not just anybody and we have taken them through the process, they have all the details needed,” said Tuwei.

He lamented why they get to such a point when they have been given not one but three warnings on their situations before they are banned.

“Remember these athletes are always warned when they miss one doping test. The second warning is given and the third one. This is definitely the most careless act in terms of failing to provide the whereabouts,” said Tuwei.

He urged athletes to try and get out of the whereabouts, adding that they should avoid use of prohibited substances so that they can get out of category A which we still are.

“We have been in category A for four years now and in 2021 we want to get out of that category. We have been there for long and we want to improve. We must therefore improve so that we show the world that we will win and win fairly. AIU and ADAK have been giving us support because we have worked together all this time in terms of education and education is the key to get out of such problems,” he said.

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