Team Kenya in medal bracket as World Relays start in Silesia

Team Kenya at the World Relays is expected to win her first medal on the opening day of the championships set for Saturday evening in Silesia, Poland.

The team, after they registered in Shuttle Hurdles relay and will only need to avoid disqualification as they are already assured of a medal after three nations were registered in the discipline.

These teams include Poland and Germany and Kenya in direct set for Saturday, 10.58pm EAT.

Kenya will be competing in 4x200m men and women, 4x400m men and women, 2x2x400m, 4x400m mixed relay and Shuttle Hurdle Relay.

The team’s manager Kennedy Tanui has called for a strong start from his athletes whom he warned against complacency despite being assured of a medal in the race.

“We are already in the medal bracket but we are not going to relax since it is upon us now to fight for any of the three medals. The team is fired up and we have high hopes of winning many more medals than in the previous championships,” said Tanui.

World Relays timetable EAT

Saturday May 1st 2021

  1. 1900 W 4x400m- heats
  2. 1935 M 4x400m heats
  3. 2008 W 4x100m heats
  4. 2039 M 4x100m heats
  5. 2106 X 2x2x400m Final
  6. 2120 X 4x400m heats
  7. 2158 X Shuttle Hurdle final

Sunday May 2nd 2021

  1. 1920 X 4x400m final
  2. 1935 M 4x100m final
  3. 1946 W 4x100m final
  4. 1959 W 4x200m final
  5. 2013 M 4x200m final
  6. 2026 W 4x400m final
  7. 2042 M 4x400m final
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