Coach Mulinge, Agala and Makokha optimistic ahead of Olympics

Kenya beach Volleyball women team began their training ahead of Olympic Games that kicks off this Friday in Tokyo, Japan.

Head coach Sammy Mulinge is optmitcic that the kind of weather with high humidity just like the one they had in Mombasa during their bubble training.

“As a member of the beach volleyball commission, we have a programme for a circuit, which we were to rollout last year but for the covid-19 pandemic everything stopped. Hopefully, next year we should have a national circuit. We also need to go out and participate in World Tours and also regionally,” said Mulinge.

Mulinge added that Gaudencia Makokha and Brackcides Agala it was easy to catch up. For Gaudencia, we have been with her for a long time since she was Under-23, and has participated in many competitions.

“For Brackcedes, she just came the other day and I must appreciate her effort. We had Naomi Too, but got injured and so Brackcedes stepped in. She has coped really well with the conditions of beach volley and look now she made it to this Olympics. It is amazing and I am very happy for her.

“I believe many players can come and make good players in beach volleyball.

Makokha said that they did not start their training because of the delay at the airport when we arrived on Sunday night.

“We have had two sessions, but the humidity here is so crazy. We are trying to adjust. The first session was not that good, but the second one was better. So I hope tomorrow (Wednesday), it will be better,” said Makokha.

She added that their fellow Malkia strikers are sisters.

“We are sisters and most of them, apart from playing for the national team, we are teammates at club level. We sleep in the same block, so we are talking to each other. However, our training schedule and theirs is a bit different. So we only meet during meal time and in the rooms.”

On the other hand, Agala said that heat is just too much. The sun is just too hot. But then, this is the situation we find ourselves in and therefore, we just have to adapt. This is the kind of weather for beach volleyball so we have to adapt quickly and move on.”

“The only problem is the game is not getting the requisite support. For instance, the only tournament we played in before coming here was the qualifying tournament. It was the only serious tournament we played in.

“The teams we are going to play against have played in more than 12 tournaments before they came here. Some were at the World Tour, as recently as last week, yet Kenyans expect us to perform. So if we have to perform then we should be given the facilities. Once you have the facilities, the performance can improve.

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