Guilty Wario and Soi to be sentenced

Hassan Wario and Stephen Arap Soi have been found guilty for corruption related Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016.

Today, the case was ruled by Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Juma that both former Sports Minister Wario and Chief de Mission Soi are guilty for misusing kshs 55 million.

The sentencing that will happen tomorrow, the duo faces a 10-year jail term to the Sh55 million Rio 2016 Olympics scandal.

The beneficiaries are named as Adan Omar Enow, Richard Abura and Monica Sairo. The three travelled using visas issued by the Brazilian embassy and were not part of the delegation, though they ended up as part of Team Kenya.

“Mr Wario took advantage of the office and had people included in Team Kenya,” said the magistrate, while stressing that as the Cabinet Secretary, Mr Wario ordered for the additional names without consultations.

“Anyone who played a role in the planning (Rio Olympics) was included in the travel. This is not the spirit of the Olympic Charter….there was wastage of money. The budget should be tailored on the needs,” said the magistrate.

The court looked at the Olympic charter, bed capacity (at the Olympics) and the rationing of bed in making the findings

“It is true Kenya performed in the games, however it could be done in lesser expense to save the public funds,” said the magistrate. 

He also authorised cancellation of air tickets resulting to a loss of Sh9.7 million public funds.

Soi was found guilty of conferring a benefit of Sh1.9 million to Hezekiah Kipchoge Keino and Francis Kinyili Paul.

Both Keino and Kinyili received the money as allowances to travel to Brazil, an act that resulted to loss of public funds.

Evidence further demonstrated that Soi, a retired police officer, abused his office by conferring a benefit of Sh5.3 million to Mr Vincent Kinyili Paul, Francis Kinyili Paul, Hezekiah Kipchoge Keino and Ian Kipkosgei to travel to Brazil.

In the judgment, the court acquitted former Principal secretary Richard Ekai, Haron Komen, Patrick Kimathi Nkabu.

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