Convicted Wario, Soi sentenced and fined

Former sports cabinet secretary Hassan Wario and 2016 Olympic Games Chief de Mission Stephen Arap Soi have been convicted by anti-corruption court ruled by Chief magistrate Elizabeth Juma.

Wario has been jailed for six years for office abuse in connection to the Sh55 million and will be responsible to pay a fine of Sh3.6 million.

But Soi was hard hit by the court slapped him with a fine of over Sh105 million.

Juma fined Soi Sh105,574,000 in default 12 serve years in prison.

The retired police boss was found guilty of six counts –three on abuse of office and three on willful failure to comply with applicable procedures and guidelines relating to management of public funds.

In the ruling, the magistrate noted that the Kenyan tax payers lost.

“It is true both Mr Wario and Mr Soi did not receive benefits but the budget was from the government. The excess of Sh500 million contributed by government is a huge amount of tax payers’ money that could have been used in other activities,” said the magistrate.

Wario tabled an exaggerated budget of Sh598 million to the government, said the court.

“From the conduct and evidence, he worked towards spending without guidance. Some people received more than they deserved. The evidence (by the defence) of saving Sh200 million is to hoodwink while truth is that the budget was exaggerated,” sated the magistrate.

On the complaint by Soi as to why the former Sports Principal Secretary Richard Ekai was acquitted and he was the Ministry’s accounting officer, the court said Ekai did not commit an offence. Ekai was being blamed for authorizing payment of the monies.

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