Pros Madoya, Njogu to highlight NCBA series at Great Rift

Professional golfer Justus Madoya and Simon Njogu will be the key highlight for the 16th leg of NCBA Golf series at the par 72 Great Rift Valley Resort and Golf club tomorrow.

Madoya said that he will be using the event as part of his training for the opening leg of Safari Tour series ahead of 2022 Kenya Open Golf championships in Karen.

According to the schedule, the Safari Tour series will begin next week at Sigona golf club where top finishers will pick slots for the Magical Kenya golf open.

“I want to use the NCBA tournament as part of my training for the opening Safari Tour tournament next week. Am a man who trains throughout the week and that will give me the right channel and stamina for Safari tour,” said Madoya.

He added that he trains six days a week and that has kept him fit in his golfing career.

“I only rest on Sundays but throughout six days am always on the course training in all angles to ensure that I get maximum points. Heading into the Safari Tour, my training will be of great,” said Madoya.

He said that for the last six months they did not have any tournament to play as professional golfers in the country following the conclusion of Kenya Open in March.

“Training in this wilderness golf course is good for me and playing on the same course on Saturday will be gauging my fitness,” he said.

Madoya will be joined by Simon Njogu as the professional golfer from the club.

“I have been the only professional golfer in this club but Njogu will be joining the club after turning pro this month. He is expected to debut at the Sigona meeting next week” said Madoya.

NCBA Group Managing Director John Gachora said that they want to involve each golfer in the country.

“And we are proud to involve all golfers from across the country. We have got many calls from Rift Valley and we want to ensure that we get to do our best to close up on all golfers in the country,” said Gachora.

He added that when handling golfers get direct feedback once they are engaged one on one.

“We are excited to be part of golf development in Kenya,” said Gachora.

.in each meeting across the country, top five players qualify for the national final in December at the Karen Cub.

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