Omanyala did not maintain contract and company values- says DBA director

DBA director Storm Trentham read misunderstanding between the company and African 100m record holder Ferdinand Omanyala.

Today, the DBA announced the contract cancellation for Omanyala, which started last year on hisway to stadorm. contacted the directors to explain how Omanyala’s contract had to be canceled at his prime time.

Trentham wrote: “The core values of DBA Africa are hugely important and must be upheld by all involved within the company.  Unfortunately if our athletes do not maintain our same values at all times, we are no longer able to work successfully together.”

“As you can imagine, to terminate a contract when the athlete is in his prime and performing on the world stage, speaks volumes about how important we feel it is to protect our brand and the professional image we proudly share with the sporting world,” wrote Trentham.

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