Mwangangi, Kibet to be compensated

Kenyans Elijah Mwangangi and Luke Kibet will be compensated by organisers of Quad Cities marathon after they missed the podium with a misdirection on Sunday.

According to the reports, Mwangangi and Kibet were a top pair in the race where they were set to break the record and win the Ksh 331,200 prize before an error occurred in a race with the duo were about to cross the finish line but followed a volunteer guide who took them off their marked trail.

The blunder led to their disqualification and even missed the cash prize despite ending the race in record time.

Mwangangi was on the verge of breaking the course record when he got lost. He hoped to save enough money to keep his family in the United States.

The athlete had even started a fundraiser in the United States, appealing to people to help him take care of his family.

He said the pandemic had reduced the number of races and the prize money, severely hampering his racing opportunities and his income.

The race director confirmed that the volunteer cyclist was on the wrong track, but criticized the Kenyan athletes for ignoring the clear markers and signage and following his lead.

The competition organizers claimed that the athletes had familiarized themselves with the track a day before the race.

Race officials are, however, reportedly considering how they could compensate both Mwangangi and Kibet.

“I screwed up royally,” said the annoyed cyclist.

After the two TSWT were disqualified, American athlete Tyler Pence won the race finishing with a personal best two hours, 15 minutes and six seconds to become the first American to win the marathon in 20 years.

“I was about 20 seconds back so I kind of saw it happen, but I’m not going to scream,” he said. “It’s not my job,” Pence said.

Both TSWT were hopeful that the competition organizers would consider the decision to disqualify them as they had clearly won the race.

Different rules in athletics hurt and others became a blessing in disguise for Kenyan athletes.

On September 12, a Kenyan marathoner was declared the winner of the Vienna Marathon in Europe despite being second.

It was after Ethiopian Derara Hurisa was disqualified for wearing the wrong shoes even after arriving first.

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