KDF, Western Queens crowned Heroes Volleyball champions

Western Queens and Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) won the inaugural the inaugural Heroes Community Volleyball Tournament played at the Koitaleel University College grounds in Nandi County.

Despite the two senior teams failing to play the final fully because the rain, Queens and KDF won the titles basing on the best of three sets that was determined by officials.

According to Paul Bitok, both Queens and KDF had an advantage against their opponents and deserved to be champions.

“We had to apply the three-set rule to determine the winner now that rain stopped the play. As organizers, we had to come up with the best way possible to ensure that all teams go home happy,” said Bitok.

Before the rain, Queens were leading 2-0 sets against Post Bank and were awarded the champ while KDF and Home Grown, they were one set up but in the third set, the soldiers were leading in scores hence getting the gold medal for the lead.

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