Let’s talk while in a toxic relationship, end GBV among athletes

In mourning the late Agnes Jebet Tirop, felamel athletes have called on their male counterparts to end Gender based Violence (GBV) and domestic violence.

Speaking in Eldoret on Sunday, the athletes led by Athletics Keya Atletes’ representative Milcah Chemos said that GBV and toxic marriage and relation should not end people’s lives the way Tirop happened.

Viola Lagat said that female athletes should come out and talk freely on the toxic relationship they are facing.

“We want to call for the government to put forward strict laws against gender based or domestic violence. I want to thank the government especially our president for making sure that there was swift and fast investigation and arresting the perpetrator of the heinous act.  We hope for just for Agnes. And we are so sad and heart broken and we don’t want this to continue happening,” said Lagat.

The same was echoed by marathoner Joan Chelimo who pointed out the need for talking and ending the vice.

“We are going to talk to athlete women across the country so that nothing like this happens to one of us. We are so pained, we feel terrible and we should talk with one voice to end gender based violence. We are asking athletes to speak up in their marriages or when they are abused.

“Female athletes will have a seminar to talk about this things, kindly male, stop what we are doing. We are not someone’s property even if we are married to you,” said Chemos.

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